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Waste Management

Waste management

If you are discharging silver bearing waste, we will help you manage it. We can supply you with a variety of services to assure the most environmentally friendly, effective and profitable method of silver recovery and recycling of silver waste. If on-site recovery is impractical, then 25lt drums can be stored and collected weekly in and within a 100km radius of Gauteng, and transported to AgT recovery facility. We also supply large 1000lt containers for generators of waste in the rest of South Africa and will access the viability of collection after considering the silver content of the waste effluent.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best waste management programs and to dispose of their waste materials using environmentally safe methods.

Medical and industrial X-ray users, as well as the graphic arts, photo finishing, and metal plating industries, are all generators of silver waste. Silver-containing wastes are typically considered hazardous, the proper handling, disposal and recycling of hazardous waste is the responsibility of the waste generator. Liability for this waste continues indefinitely, thus choosing a responsible recycler helps protect generators against the probability that toxic silver waste is mismanaged. In addition to environmental protection, silver recycling can provide a cost advantage to waste generators.